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Important Garden Design Elements to Consider

Owning a garden is a privilege, but not everyone makes the best use of their outdoor environment. Overgrowth and weeds can manifest due to a lack of care, but even if you do enjoy gardening, there’s only so much you can achieve without a professional landscaping company. Serving Lewes and the surrounding areas, we erect garden offices, perform a start-to-finish garden design service, and even work as builders to provide property extensions and more besides.

Our team has what it takes to bring a fresh lease of life to an outdated garden space. Below, we look at just a few of the elements you might want to consider when modernising your garden.

A Blend of Soft and Hard Landscaping.

Most clients combine hard landscaping such as a patio, decking and retaining walls with the more natural look of tree planting and flower beds – and with good reason. Paving such as Indian sandstone and natural stone gives you a convenient place to sit, relax or hold social occasions in the summer. Without some greenery, however, the garden may appear lifeless and unnatural.

Our landscaping company provides a complete garden design service to customers in the Lewes area and takes on garden office and summer house projects.

Contrasting Colours and Patterns.

When used sparingly by builders and landscapers, contrast makes the garden appear less predictable and more pleasing to the eye. Examples include using gravel to surround potted plants or creating a bold contrast in colours by combining reds and yellows. A good landscaping company may advise using this technique in moderation, as too much contrast can make the space feel overly busy.

Block paving provides a very different look to natural stone and Indian sandstone. We can help you choose the right option based on your garden design preferences.

Complementing Your Home.

You may already have an idea as to how your garden should look, perhaps due to the style of your property. A manor or cottage might suit a very different type of garden to that of a semi-detached house with a property extension, and our team will work accordingly. It’s also smart to think about adding a garden office if you work from home in Lewes or the surrounding areas.

Lines and Boundaries.

Almost every element of garden design features some sort of line. A straight pathway can create a clear line within the environment, just as a decorative trellis fence can zone a seating area. Curved areas shape informal flower beds, soothing the formality that often comes with straight-edged lines. Builders will tell you that lines and curves also play significant roles in their daily activities as well.

Combining straight and curved surfaces adds variety to the garden, so it’s something that your chosen landscaping company around Lewes may be wise to address.

Function and Form.

Designing a garden isn’t purely about style. Much like when crafting a property extension or garden office, builders and landscapers should consider your lifestyle. A patio enables you to host gatherings when the sun comes out, just as a pizza oven or built-in BBQ makes dining alfresco an easier time. High-quality fencing improves safety by keeping intruders away and your children safe in the garden.

Please speak with a member of our team if your garden could use professional landscaping or a complete redesign.

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