A Garden Office or Property Extension in Hove
Create the Perfect Environment for Working From Home

Working from home in cramped conditions will naturally affect your productivity, especially with the entire family under your feet. Moving to the kitchen table or dining room isn’t always the best option, nor is staying in bed when you have an upcoming Zoom call. Doing so can cause posture issues and make you feel disorganised, so it’s important to have a unique space to call your own. Based in Hove, our builders construct property extensions and garden offices for the peace and quiet you deserve.

Beyond our role as a garden design and landscaping company, we manage the entire build so you can stay productive. Read on for advice on making your private office the best it can possibly be.

Consider a Property Extension or Garden Office.

Is your home in Hove a little too busy? Add a side property extension or convert the garage into a dedicated office suite for an out-of-bounds environment meant only for you. When you contact a trusted team of builders like Newman & Sons, your office will look and feel exactly how you want. We can also perform garden design to improve the view from your home.

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. A garden office gives you a separate building quite some distance from the home itself. Despite being a detached property, your garden room from our building and landscaping company can offer similar comforts to the house, such as a personal bathroom, underfloor heating and even a kitchenette.

Think About Lighting.

You shouldn’t struggle to see your papers due to a lack of light during the day, so it’s worth considering the placement of your desk, bi-folding doors or the addition of a skylight. We know that you might work long into the evening too, and can implement modern lighting with the aid of NICEIC-approved electricians in the Hove area.

Storage and Comfort.

Even if you have a desk in your bedroom, you might not have a place for notebooks, stationery, diaries, invoices and other important items. With a property extension or garden office, you can ask our builders to factor in drawers, desks and even a filing cabinet to keep your documents safe. Comfort is just as important, however. A swivel chair in a well-positioned place will keep you from knocking into things and turn Monday morning into something to look forward to.

Update Your Garden.

Garden design can transform the view from your property extension or garden office into a sight to behold. Our landscaping company in Hove can make it feel like you have a personal space set within a beautiful retreat, complete with an elegant water feature and pathway paved with natural stone. The more luxurious the environment, the more enthusiastic you will be during the working week.

Contact the Right Team.

Why hire one team of builders and another landscaping company when you could enjoy both services under a single umbrella? Newman & Sons provides all construction, garden design and landscaping services you might need in the Hove area, taking care at every stage so you can live, work and relax in a perfectly finished environment.

Stay productive with a property extension or garden office in the Hove area. Please call our builders on 07736 934778.

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