Hard Landscaping in Hove, Lewes and East Sussex Enhance Your Garden with Newman & Sons

Think back to the gardens you played in as a child. Were they full of character and vibrant with colour, or did they suffer from a complete lack of personality, overgrown and ignored? These days, homeowners are spending more time enjoying their outdoor space, opening their French doors or newly installed rear facing house extensions, and spreading their living rooms or kitchens out into their gardens.

For those who want additional privacy, bespoke garden rooms as a hard landscaping element are becoming more popular.

Newman & Sons are a renowned building and landscaping company, covering Hove, Lewes and the surrounding areas. Our qualified builders and landscapers specialise in merging your property and garden, blending them seamlessly so one is a perfect extension of the other.

We begin with hard landscaping, the method of carrying out all renovations in a garden that require building or structural work. By using a variety of materials – such as brick, stone, gravel, concrete, timber, glass, metals and bitumen – we can transform your plain lawn into a unique and welcoming garden design.

The process complements the softer aspects of a garden, i.e. the lawn, plants and shrubs, by offering them support and shelter.

We have qualified builders and landscapers on hand to provide you with a garden you’ll enjoy all year round. Our rear facing house extensions and bespoke garden rooms enhance our landscaping company’s creations in Hove, Lewes and the surrounding areas.

There are various forms of hard landscaping to consider when reimagining your existing garden design or planning your new build’s outdoor space.

The most common features are:

• Paths and Walkways
• Driveways
• Decking
• Patios
• Steps
• Gates
• Rockeries
• Retaining Walls
• Water Features and Ponds

As part of Newman & Sons’ hard landscaping services, we install permanent seating areas, gazebos and outdoor cooking facilities. Our builders and landscapers work in tandem to produce a garden design that becomes a larger part of your current living and kitchen areas, encouraging you to spend more time outdoors, socialising or relaxing in your Hove or Lewes garden.

When fixing a water feature or digging a pond, we will set the foundations and underlays with appropriate drainage. Our landscapers can offer advice on which plants will thrive in your new water feature as well.

Newman & Sons’ qualified experts will install outdoor sockets so you can use your electric lawnmower easily. If you’re having an outdoor cooking area fitted as part of your overall garden design, we will ensure all equipment is properly set up and ready to go. Electronic devices for sound and lighting can also be fitted into your new scheme.

Covering Hove, Lewes and the surrounding areas, our builders will erect fencing and trellises as part of our hard landscaping services so your privacy is guaranteed when entertaining, and your climbing shrubs are secure.

Why not talk to one of our team about rear facing house extensions, and really bring your indoors outside?

Additional structures, such as garden offices, sheds, greenhouses, pergolas or follies are available from specialist landscaping company, Newman & Sons. For more information on our bespoke garden rooms, please click on the link.

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