Stay Productive With a Garden Office
in Lewes, Hove or the Nearby Areas

Due to the ongoing climate and employers becoming more flexible with their staff, there’s never been a better time to invest in a garden office. These high-end garden rooms come fully customised to suit your requirements, giving you a high-end place to keep doing your best work. Even if you prefer to head into the office, a garden room or office is a great way to increase space on your property. As a team of trusted builders, we can help you accommodate guests or create a private sanctuary to work from home.

Situated in Hove, we construct garden rooms across Lewes and the surrounding areas. Anything you can imagine, we can build. Our team manages the project from the earliest stage to the final flourishes, and all to guarantee a consistent quality.

We can include the following and more:

  • Customised Storage
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Garden Room Bathrooms
  • Bi-Folding Doors
  • Skylight Installation
  • Kitchenette Fitting
  • Solar Panel Power
  • Combi-Boiler Installation

Skilled in the construction of extensions, our builders can provide any services needed for your garden office or outbuilding. This makes for a luxurious environment in every season.

Keep Standards High With a Garden Office.

Working on the kitchen counter may prove acceptable in the short term, but with these unpredictable times, you never know when you might need to spend months at a time away from the office. Skype meetings with the family around can also be troublesome, distracting you and your colleagues at the worst possible time.

The Perfect Domestic Solution.

A garden office gives you a way to keep working on those important projects without ever setting foot on the company premises. Not only that, but it also achieves a unique, quiet retreat away from the rest of the home, so you can focus on work and show your employer exactly what you’re made of. If you’re the business owner, then a garden room will prove indispensable due to the modern fixtures that keep you comfortable, no matter how long you work.

Typically placed by our builders towards the end of the garden, your new office may feature large, bi-folding doors to maximise natural light, a combination boiler for hot water, or underfloor heating for ambient heat without the need for a radiator. We can provide any of these benefits as part of your project in Hove, Lewes or the surrounding areas – sourcing from the UK’s most trusted brands.

Your Summer House Builders.

Newman & Sons Ltd doesn’t just build garden offices for busy professionals. We can construct a summer house where your family can relax indoors with a garden-like atmosphere and install sheds to suit every gardening need. All rooms, offices and sheds come finished to a superior standard, enabling you to use the space however you like for years to come.

If you could benefit from a garden office, please call 07736 934778. We are known for building garden rooms throughout Hove, Lewes and the surrounding regions.

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