Bespoke Garden Rooms in Hove, Lewes and East Sussex
Treat Yourself to Some Outdoor Luxury

The garden is very much an extension of the home. No longer just an area of grass and shrubs, it’s another space in which to socialise and relax. Outdoor kitchen facilities and permanent dining areas are both becoming popular additions. Bi-fold doors and full-length windows are now common features of rear facing house extensions, allowing the property and garden to co-exist in harmony.

With more people working from home these days, private space is in limited supply and not having any time to ourselves can be detrimental to our overall wellbeing.

Landscaping company and expert builders, Newman & Sons, construct bespoke garden rooms in the Hove, Lewes and East Sussex areas. Our designs are tailored to your requirements, making each structure a unique and personal haven for you to enjoy.

There are many uses for outdoor rooms so, if you have the space, why not consider some of the following suggestions:

Home Office – One of the benefits of an outside office is not being housebound for most of the day. Having a peaceful area in which to focus will improve productivity and make work, and online meetings, a lot less stressful.

Hobby Room – Fancy starting a craft business from your Hove or Lewes home? Bespoke garden rooms provide space to design and create without needing to clear the kitchen table every evening. Ease the pressure of completing orders by dinnertime.

Home Spa – What about installing a steam room and sauna into your bespoke garden room? Newman & Sons’ landscaping company can add decking and fit a hot tub outside so your spa days are relaxing and tranquil.

Yoga Retreat – Turn your new outdoor space into a spiritual ashram with soft lighting and soothing music. Release the stress and calm your mind with deep breathing and smooth Hatha stretches or advanced Ashtanga movements.

Home Gym – If you prefer more active forms of exercise, have our builders construct a home gym outside. They can install showering facilities as well so your exercise regime is comfortable and private.

Guest Suite – Is your current home a bit on the small side? If you don’t want to add a rear facing house extension but would like the extra space to accommodate friends or family, we can design a fully plumbed guest suite to suit your requirements.

There are many other options to choose from when considering the possibilities of adding more square footage to your overall property. We’ve listed the most popular based on our previous works in Hove, Lewes and East Sussex. Whatever you have in mind for bespoke garden rooms, Newman & Sons’ expert builders will ensure you have the perfect space.

As a successful soft and hard landscaping company, we can also provide the ideal view, giving you an overall sense of wellbeing every time you look out from your new garden sanctuary.

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